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Ever wondered why we love unique gifts and products?


We are all gifted with our own originality. This uniqueness deserves to be celebrated and glorified in creative, bold and innovative ways. Your quirks are worth nothing less than the coolest unique gifts and products. Transform your lifestyle with unusual and uncommon original designs that let your rare and exclusive traits shine.


What is the perfect present?


A huge part of our characters is moulded by the products we use every day. But how exactly can a product change your life?

  • Great products elevate your mood.
  • Innovative gifts can positively transform your relationship with others.
  • Exclusively designed items ensure that you don’t lose your personality. Ever.
  • Unique gifts set you apart from the crowd, and let your individuality show through.
  • Thoughtfully designed products can inspire you to do more beyond just using it.


Choose memorable gifts.


Picking the right gift for an occasion has the power to leave an everlasting impact. When a token of gratitude is unique and exclusive, it makes life more joyful, fun and happy.


What unique gifts and products will you give that special someone?


A special person is worth a special gift. Giving them something thoughtless and boring means your gift will get lost amongst everything else and you will end losing a great opportunity. There are so many other great alternatives that are made for the right circumstance, for the right people. Whether you are looking for some surprise gifts for friends, parents, kids or scouting for unique gifts and products for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any festival gifts for occasions like Diwali, Christmas, New Year be sure you present something unique, something they’ll never forget.


Here’s what we offer.


Gemklip brings to you simple, different and inspiring products that are unique alternatives to the usual gifting options. We believe that product engagement is a vital aspect of any design. That’s why all our products are thoughtfully designed intellectually engage with people. Our products can be an excellent option for unique corporate gifts, unique employee gifts or unique return gifts. It is about time somebody got an incredible gift, and maybe that ’somebody’ is you.


Let’s join forces.


We are a team of product designers with more than 15 years of experience design toys to complex medical devices. We work with fellow designers from across the globe. Our mission is to design and develop unique gifts and products that satisfy the appetite for unique alternatives that are simple, different and inspiring so as to enrich their daily lives leading to positive transformation. We believe everyone out there has a unique story and great ideas. These stories and ideas deserve to be made into something awesome. At Gemklip we provide a platform for these ideas to thrive, giving everybody an opportunity to inspire. This is why we want to collaborate with people who have an appetite for creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us?

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