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Gemklip Design Studio is based in Bangalore, India – We bring to you simple, different, and inspiring products that are alternatives to the boring products around you. We believe that product engagement is a vital aspect of any design. That’s why all our products are thoughtfully designed to intellectually engage with people. Our products can be an excellent option for unique corporate gifts, unique employee gifts, or unique return gifts.

We are a team of with more than two decades of experience designing toys to complex medical devices. We work with fellow designers from across the globe.  We believe everyone out there has a unique story or a great idea. These stories and ideas deserve to be made into something awesome. At Gemklip Design Studio we provide a platform for these ideas to thrive, giving everybody an opportunity to inspire. This is why we want to collaborate with people who have an appetite for creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us?

  • Gemklip business thrived during Covid

    Gemklip business thrived during Covid

    Find out how Gemklip business thrived during Covid We talked to Shanavas MS Teqzo, Design director and co-founder of about creative materials design and how Gemklip thrived during Covid.  Read published article here. First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times?  Shanavas MS Teqzo: We are doing pretty fine. …

  • Gemklip Design Store Story

    We would like to provide you a short preview of the story of Gemklip Design Store Story.                   End of Blog.

  • premium safety accessory

    KOVI – premium safety accessory

    Covid-19. Who knew that 2020 would bring about such drastic changes to our lives. Lockdowns, work from home and the ever lingering fear of the dreadful corona virus. We are forced to look at our ways and we are more responsible than ever in keeping ourselves and our loud ones safe during this pandemic. As …

  • Stay Home, Stay Creative ! – Fun Quarantine Activities

    Here are a set of fun and easy origami (paper folding) activities to help you stay engaged at a time when we’re looking for things to do at home! Hope you found these interesting! We’d love to see what you did, send us pictures of your work on our social media or e-mail. Until then, …

  • Design Career Path

    Design Career Path

    Many people who aspire to have a vibrant design career path often have no idea where to begin. Let’s say you’re a creative individual who is artistically inclined, and you’ve decided you want to continue on the path of design. You would be conflicted on which field of design to chose. Which colleges to apply …

  • out-of-the-box-thinking

    Out of the Box Thinking – Creative Ideas in 3 steps

    Looking for creative ideas to solve problems? Want to use creativity as a tool for improving your productivity and quality of life? Do you always want to stay at your creative best? It’s easier than you think. We will tell you how to think out of the box and stay creative in 3 simple steps. …

  • La Villa – Balcony decor ideas

    Living in a Villa, surrounded with green is a luxury not many can enjoy. It’s something many urban dwellers crave. A craving dealt with, by surrounding their living spaces with a lot of greenery. Gemklip is happy to introduce La Villa – Decorative Fence, balcony decor ideas for plants that goes one step further in …

  • Gemklip at Avantika Designeering Series

    Shanavas, Chief Designer at Gemklip, spoke at Avantika Designeering session conducted this month. Avantika University conducts Designeering Series as a marathon of sessions. Designers and technology experts share their stories on building products and services, across cities. This year’s session took place at 91springboard MG Road, Bangalore. Mr.Shanavas, along with other designers and technology experts …

  • Design Sketching Workshops in Bangalore

    Sketching ideas are the first steps in the design process and something every designer should do. Sketching isn’t just limited to designers, it occurs in many careers that require something to get built. Design Sketches help to convey ideas, demonstrate functionality, visualise user flow, and illustrate anything that requires human interaction. Gemklip hosts design sketching …

  • Laptop Sticker Ideas

    Laptop sticker 01 is Gemklip’s take on a classic product that’s been around since the ’90s. Laptop Sticker Ideas in the form of  decals have always existed as a means of self expression, a way to show what you believe in without having to explicitly say it. Gemklip created Laptop sticker 01 in an attempt …

  • Product Design Masterclass

    Objective :The main objective of the product design masterclass was to immerse the participants in product design process. Provide impactful learning experience through client like project experience. Inspire design enthusiasts towards an outstanding design career. The masterclass was conducted for the B.Des students of department of design, PESU, a Bangalore based design school. Key benefits …

  • design challenges

    “Idea to Market in 100 Days” – Design Challenges.

    Shanavas M S (Chief of Design – TEQZO Consulting) visited UID Ahmedabad as part of Gemklip. Consequently, he introduced an amazing opportunity for upcoming designers and design enthusiasts with design challenges. With “Idea to market in 100days”, Gemklip helps mentor design enthusiasts through the design journey. As a result, this is a chance to get their …

  • design thinking workshop

    Design Thinking Workshop For Corporates

    A common misconception is that the design process and design thinking are both the same thing. People belonging to many different fields try to employ design thinking so that they can think more “creatively”. However, they end up following the design process. People belonging to fields other than design can’t benefit from this. What’s the …

  • design store

    Store Decor Ideas- Make a game of it !

    When customers visit the Gemklip Design Store at Kamanahalli, we want them to leave with a new experience. A feeling of excitement that makes them want to return again, maybe even with a few friends. This depended, to a great extent, on the interiors and store decor. Achieving this result and at the same time, …

  • Social Design

    One of the lesser known areas in which design creates an impact is social issues. Gemklip has always believed in turning problems into opportunities. However, designing a Social Campaign / movement is a lot like designing a product – it is to turn a problem into an opportunity. This is one of Gemklip’s core principles. …

  • Gemklip Studio – Workshops for Design Students

    Product Design Students often find themselves looking for more exposure in the field. Their courses do offer abundant knowledge with respect to product design. However, it helps a great deal to get some hands-on experience. Gemklip believes it is fundamental for students to be able to bridge the gap between what is taught in school …

  • Jumbo Gemklip – The Story

    It’s human nature to take for granted the simplest objects we use in our day to day lives. We don’t really think about them, we don’t wan’t to know who designed them, we don’t want to know how it came to being (most of us, at least). To us, it is just something that does …

  • Crypto – A perpetual Calendar

    With the new year around the corner we wanted to see if we could challenge ourselves and create yet another calendar. Only this time we wanted to consider the possibility of building something that could be potentially turned into a product as well. Sustainability was a key factor right from the start. We wanted to …

  • Pencil Bookmark – The story

    How often does it happen that you’re reading an engrossing book and you come across a piece of text that really takes your fancy. You want to mark it for future reference, but you look around and there isn’t a pencil or pen in sight and you are too cozy to get up and go …

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