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Achieve the unthinkable through design collaborations.

Design Collaborations is at the core of Gemklip. We are always looking for talented, young at heart creative individuals to work with us. If you think you have a cool idea that fits our philosophy, [Simple. Different. Inspiring.] do get in touch with us and we will help you with mentoring and guidance to turn your idea into a product. Your product will be launched at and you get a chance to earn lifetime royalties on the sales.

Abhinav Teja
Worked on two product lines during Origami Workshop at Gemklip during his 10 grade at school. Mr. Gauthier was instrumental in mentoring him to develop “Twisto”- origami-based folding stool. “Wrap-O” is another product that he worked which is an origami-based pot decorator.
Abhinav Teja, Design Enthusiast
Karthik Mahadevan
Seeing an idea in your head convert into a product in your hand is a truly surreal feeling, and something I believe everyone should experience. I’m grateful to have discovered Gemklip as a platform that allows me to do just that.
Karthik Mahadevan, Professional Designer
Abidah Shanavas
Developed products like “I dream while the world sleeps – Laptop sticker” and “cool heads – campaign props” during her 12th-grade vacation internship at Gemklip. Her design collaborations inspired her to take up industrial design as her career choice and help her build appealing portfolios.
Abidah Shanavas, Design Scholar
Bharath Raghunathan
Developed one of the most popular products at – “Crypro – Perpetual Wall Calendar”. Crypto is a sure conversation starter that is known for its decorative value and great customer engagement. Bharath mentors young designers and corporates on design thinking and design projects.
Bharath Raghunathan, Senior Designer (Gemklip)
Gauthier Raguin
Originally from France, He has been instrumental in the development of the Gemklip brand. He is an expert in structural origami and designed products like the iconic “Jumbo Gemklip”, “Gody Lamp”, “Yell Bell” and many other products. He mentors young designers to develop their ideas into products.
Gauthier Raguin, Senior Designer (Gemklip)
Chloe Fruneau
“It was a great experience working with Gemklip. They helped me develop my ideas and now they are realized products. And I get a royalty from the profit they make. Can’t be happier.” Chloe developed a series of sling bags for young children under the theme “stuff my toys”.
Chloé Fruneau, Professional Designer (France)
Bindu S
Developed products like “Wizz Mom”  and “Wizz Maam”, which are activities for toddlers and kindergarten. She also contributes to the strategic and marketing activities at Gemklip. She is part of the core group that evaluates the merit of ideas proposed for design collaborations.
Bindu S, Design Enthusiast (Gemklip)
Chetan Prasad
Being a specialist in product development, he contributes to the engineering development at Gemklip. Personally, he has designed “Senza”, an upcycled home decor product that is an example of Gemklip’s ideology-  Simple. Different. Inspiring.
Chetan Prasad, Professional Designer
Shivananda H N
Known for his persistence and determination in breakthrough R&D, Shiva has helped build several key products at Gemklip. He developed and perfected “La Villa”, a balcony fence decor product that secured good ratings amongst customers.
Shivananda H N, Design Engineer (TEQZO)
Trsna Kiran
Trsna developed ” Hydroponist-Solo “, a product for hydroponics enthusiasts. The device is meant for home decor which enables urban gardeners to grow leafy veggies indoors without soil. The project was done during her internship at Gemklip.
Trsna Kiran, Professional Designer
Shoaib designed “Inspirium”, which is one of the best sellers in Gemklip during his 12-grade vacation internship. Inspirium is an upcycled product that inspires people to have a regenerative bend of mind. Apart from this he also contributed to “Denim Culture” and “Flip Lamp”.
Shoaib Khan, Design Scholar
Shanavas M S
Ideology of Gemklip brand is to focus on engaging its customers intellectually such that they feel empowered to think beyond the obvious values that the product delivers. We wanted all our products to unleash the creative instincts in everyone who interact with it.
Shanavas M S, Design Director (Gemklip)
Ashish Raven
During his Internship at Gemklip, he developed “Tube-O”, a contemporary seating made of up-cycled auto rickshaw tubes. The product turned out to be extremely ergonomic due to its form. The design delivers a good social impact by creating potential work opportunities for home industries.
Ashish Raven, Professional Designer
Ibrahim joined Gemklip as an intern during is 12-grade vacation. He developed product like “Denim Culture”, which is desktop stationary organiser. The product utilises “denim” which is a global fashion element to prop your desktop. Metal was intelligently used to enable flat packaging of the product.
Ibrahim, Design Scholar
Fadil Mohammed
Fadil developed “Holiday Calendar”, an amazing piece of wall art that doubles up as a useful piece of information throughout the year. The calendar focuses on holidays more than any other days as it is what most working class are interest in. The design is very minimal and contemporary.
Fadil Mohammed, Professional Designer
Faris AK
He developed “Hydroponist Duo”, an hydroponic setup for urban gardeners. The product is design as a home decor product where the plant you grow adds greenery and decoration to your indoors. When fully grown, you could reap them and use them in your salad and plan the next sapling.
Faris AK, Professional Designer
He has worked on “Lamp 101”, which is pitched as the slimmest desk lamp in the world. The product design pushed our boundaries of thought process to think out of the box to complete the design. The project helped us overcome self impose challenges to set new benchmarks in the industry.
Ganapathi BV, Professional Design Engineer
Teqzo Studio
Being a brand owner of Gemklip, the whole Teqzo team mentors young designers and enthusiasts on various design projects during their Internship. The team conducts regular creative sessions to discover new problems and opportunities which could developed into products.
Teqzo Consulting, Design Studio
At Gemklip, we always wanted to partner with product design firms developing original designs. We curate select products and make them available in the Indian market. Mininch won several kickstarter campaigns and is a popular brand in Taiwan.
Mininch Designs, Design Studio
Monkey Business
At Gemklip, we always wanted to partner with product design firms developing original designs. We curate select products and make them available in the Indian market. Monkey business is a very popular brand know for its quirky products that adds fun and humour to lives of people.
Monkey Business, Design Studio
Peleg Design
At Gemklip, we always wanted to partner with product design firms developing original designs. We curate select products and make them available in the Indian market. Most of the products revolves around three basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, and humour.
Peleg Design, Design Studio
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