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Mingle Mini – Kids Activity Whiteboards


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Mingle Mini – Kids Mobile Dry Erase Activity Whiteboard is designed for parents with young kids who need a versatile and portable solution for their creative needs. With a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, this whiteboard fits right into any modern home while still providing endless possibilities for fun and learning.


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Educational Accessories

All the Mingle Mini – Kids Activity Whiteboards range features an interactive deck of cards and a simple functional clock to enhance the learning experience. The kids become mindful of time as part of the learning. Students can write and draw on the whiteboard, and teachers or parents can use interactive deck of cards to demonstrate spelling or concepts language, colours, numbers and weather. These accessories are visually appealing, providing a fun and engaging learning experience for young children.

Double Sided Design

Double-sided design, which allows for twice the space to draw, write, and create. This means that siblings or friends can work together on a project or activity without any fuss or arguments. 

Double sided design of traditional kids easel boards meant for toddlers and kids are non practical to be used simultaneously on either side due to tapered angle of the board.

Mobile and Portable

With four lockable casters, this whiteboard can easily be moved from room to room or even outside. This means you can set up a fun outdoor activity for the kids on a sunny day, or bring it into the living room for a rainy day activity.

Versatile & Functional

Mingle Mini – Kids Mobile Dry Erase Activity Whiteboards is not only versatile but also highly functional. It’s compatible with all dry-erase markers, so you can get creative with a range of colours and designs.

Why we avoided chalkboards

Chalkboards themselves are not inherently unhealthy or bad. However, there are some potential health concerns associated with the use of traditional chalkboards, such as dust and allergies. Moreover, it is messy due to the dust settling on to the floors and walls of your house. Apart from these, maintaining a good surface quality needs time-consuming effort of regular cleaning.

Magnetic Surface

Mingle Mini – Kids Mobile Dry Erase Whiteboards features a magnetic friendly title dock where your kid can use magnetic alphabets to have fun while learning and also to hold small sheets of paper with board magnets.  

Writing Surface

The prominent writing surface of the Mingle Mini – Kids Activity Whiteboards is non-magnetic high gloss laminate, this is simple to use and cost-effective to own.

Sufficient Storage

Both sides of the mobile kids white board features a marker tray with the pencil holders to store your pencils, colours, dry erase dusters, markers etc.

Easy to assemble

The design is so simple and minimal to make assembly and dis-assembly done single handedly with a single tool. Assembly is tested for DIY knock-down assembly. 


The stand of the mobile kids whiteboard is made heavy duty 6mm powder coated steel fastened with high tensile engineering hardware. Large 3 inches medical grade wheels which make it easy to move around with added stability. This makes it ideal for kindergartens and childhood learning centres.

Why is it a meaningful gift for kids ?

Mingle Mini – Kids Activity Whiteboards can be a meaningful gift for kids as it can help them develop their creativity, enhance their learning, promote communication skills, and be a versatile tool that can be used in different settings. The kid will remember you for this wonderful gift.

Mingle Mini for Kindergartens 

Perfect for kindergartens and early childhood education centres. This versatile and portable whiteboard is designed with young children in mind, providing a modern and engaging way for kids to learn and explore their creativity.

With its double-sided design, which allows for more space for children to draw, write, and create. This means that multiple children can work together on a project or activity, helping to foster collaboration and teamwork skills.

The design is both functional and visually appealing, providing a fun and engaging learning environment for young children.

This whiteboard is highly portable and can be moved from room to room with ease, making it perfect for setting up different learning stations or activities. With lockable casters, it can be safely moved from one location to another, so teachers can set it up quickly and easily.

It’s sure to transform your kindergarten into a fun and loveable place for both teachers and children alike. Contact to call 1800 57 27 967 for corporate enquiries.

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