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Design Internships

Period & Remuneration

We offer round the year internships for product design students (MDes/BDes) and design enthusiasts from all over the world. Our objective is to bridge the gap between what is practised in the industry and what is taught at design schools.

Short Internships are offered for a period of 2 months. No stipend will be paid during the internship.

Long Internships are offered for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Remuneration in the form of stipend will be paid during this period.

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Area of work & benefits

Area of work : Interns will be working on products that are being developed at Activities may include design strategy, design research, ideation and conceptualisation, product development, product engineering, product packaging, visual merchandising and development of promotional materials (media set).

Benefits :

  • Get access to the complete development process
  • Get lifetime royalty on product sales
  • Get endorsements from senior designers
  • Get your name on the product packaging
Eligibility & Selection Process :

Eligibility : Design scholars who are pursuing any undergraduate or post graduate courses in design (in any stream) relevant to activities of Gemklip may apply.

Design enthusiasts/ aspiring design students may also apply with portfolios of work proving their appetite for design.

Selection Process : Portfolios will be reviewed on a monthly basis by in-house design team to shortlist potential candidates. Vacancies will be filled on merit and first-come first-serve basis. Kindly apply well in advance mentioning period of the internship and area of interest to

Right to admission is reserved to Gemklip management team.

Design Freelancing

Submit an Idea or Work on our project is always looking for talented and creative individuals to freelance with us.

Work on our projects: Freelancing opportunities will open from time to time throughout the year in the following domains.

  • Graphic Design/ Visual Communication
  • Digital and Multimedia  Design
  • Packaging Design and Visual merchandising
  • Interaction and UI design
  • Product Engineering & Product Development
  • Electronics & Hardware Design
  • SEO / Internet marketing


Please apply with CV and portfolios to Remuneration will be based on project and will be confirmed before start of any project.

Submit an Idea : If you think you have a cool idea that fits our philosophy [Simple. Different. Inspiring.] do get in touch with us and we will help you with mentoring and guidance to turn your idea into a product. Your product will be launched at and you get a chance to earn lifetime royalties on the sales.

Benefits :

  • Fund and hand-hold your “Idea to Product” journey
  • Get access to the complete development process
  • Get lifetime royalty on product sales
  • Get endorsements from senior designers
  • Get monthly mentor-ship during your studies
  • Get citation from
  • Get your name on the product packaging


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Corporate Workshops

Looking for a creative catalyst for your team ?

Staying creative is an inevitable aspect for every business, be it a product company, a service team or a start-up. Creativity can not only bring in competitiveness but also help stay cost effective in operation. It can be put to you use to find disruptive solutions to any problem, be it personal or professional.

What is important is to know –  How to think and stay creative… all the time? Design thinking is one of the tools that can be used as a catalyst within any work environment to stay motivated and productive. Gemklip team has immense expertise in applying design thinking as well as training design thinking.

We offer design thinking session in multiple formats to suit the needs of various industry. We have a short session which spans 3 hrs and also a moderately elaborate day session. We also can engage on long term assignments which is done once a month for a period of 12 months. We play the role of a creative catalyst energising your team to stay creative all the time.

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If you want to explore how it can help your team, please feel free to call +91 98451 65361 (Shanavas M S) or email

Academic  Workshops

Want to organise a design master class at your institute ?

At Gemklip, we get to interact with design students from most of the design schools in India. We also have international exchange students sharing their expertise in design with out team. With these experience, we have drawn meaningful insights on  what is practiced in the industry and what is taught at design schools.

Bridging this gap can help the design aspirants ready for industry much before they graduate from the design schools. Design Master Class – an academic workshop is one way to help bridge this gap.

Objective : Immerse the participants in product design process as practiced in the industry. Provide impactful learning experience through client like project experience and inspire design enthusiasts towards an outstanding design career.

Benefits : Useful for portfolio building, Improve sketching skills, learn innovation and creative techniques, follow case studies, improve mock up skills, improve collaborative skills, ability to benchmark products, ability to review products, build strong philosophy of design process, project presentation skills, exposure to multiple domains of product design, enable potential IP development, design management skills.

Duration and cost : Typical master class can span from 3 days to 5 days. Cost of the session is based on number of students and duration of the master class.

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If you want to explore organising a masterclass at your institute, please reach out to +91 9342891010 [Ms. Bindu] or write to

Share expertise

Got some talent to share ?,  is a place for everyone creative and young at heart. We love hosting inspiring and talented individuals at our studio thus provide opportunities for others to interact, learn and inspire from them.

We will help arrange an event around you and invite our patrons to join your session. These sessions could be paid or free session based on the content. Remuneration for the expert will be based on financial benefits of the event.

Please reach out to +91 9342891010 [Ms. Bindu] or write to us at to help us host you for a workshop.

Events Participation

Looking for a creative event for any occasion  ?

At,  we always look for opportunities to inspire people through creative games and engagements. Our intervention will be a combination of an exhibition cum point of sales outlet of our products and several “free to use” interaction spots. These interaction spots will focus on design thinking, social design, up-scaling, re-cycling, collaborative games and innovative selfie spots targeting both kids and adults.

We can work on a mutually beneficially financial model. For more details please reach out to or +91 9342891010 [Ms.Bindu]

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