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Extra Large Paper clips in a set of 6 super vibrant colours

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Jumbo Gemklip is a set of 6 extra large paperclips in super vibrant colours. They are truly multipurpose and are made with super strong ABS plastc. Use can use them as key rings, paper clips, bookmarks, curtain binders, to seal food packets and more. Use your creativity and imagination to find new and unique uses for the Jumbo Gemklip. The possibilities are endless!


Extra large paper clips in a set of 6 super vibrant colours – Jumbo Gemklip

These extra large paper clips are truly multipurpose and they come as a set of 6 in super vibrant colours. They can be be used as curtain binders, bookmarks, for sealing food packets, etc. You can find newer and more creative ways of using these clips using your imagination and creativity. The applications are limitless!

At Gemklip, we strive to design products and solutions that are Simple, Different and Inspiring. The Jumbo Gemklip is one of our very first products and we believe it demonstrates our core philosophy.

The product was developed from a thought exercise during one of our creative sessions in the our Design Studio in Bangalore. The thought was “what happens when we blow up/size down some of our everyday objects?”. You can click here to find out how the Jumbo Gemklip was developed.

Jumbo Gemklip is made from ABS plastic to make them tough and resilient. They come in a compact paper box with retail friendly packaging inside and make for some truly unique gifts. So if you’re on the lookout for some unique gifts online these extra large paperclips are sure to be a great pick.

Be sure to check out the cool video we made for it here.



Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 13.4 × 4.7 × 3.6 cm

Recyclable foodgrade ABS plastic


Gauthier Raguin

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