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Professional Design Workshops (10 participants)


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Become empowered and stay on top at work /school and in your careers with an edge from unique Design and Design Thinking based professional workshops.

D-Hive by Gemklip is a platform for Designers, Design Aspirants and Design Enthusiasts to meet, share and learn skills through curated workshops, seminars/talks and exercises focused on creativity, design thinking and skill development. The workshop is offered to engineering and R&D teams as well as design aspirants in groups  (up to 10 participants per registration) and is conducted on odd (1,3,5) Saturdays of every month.

We currently offer 7 different workshops focused on hands-on learning from multiple facets of design and we will be periodically revising the workshops offered.

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D-Hive is a platform incubated by Gemklip for Designers, Design Enthusiasts and Design Aspirants to meet, share and learn skills through curated workshops, seminars and design exercises. Currently we are offering 7 different professional design workshops for engineering and R&D teams as well as design aspirants. and we will be adding more time to time. Please find the workshops and more details below:


My Story! – My Story! The Design workshop @ D-Hive is a great chance for you to get to know the journey of products right from the conception of the idea to production. Get insights into the various stages of the design process and learn about the product development cycle of handpicked products.






Chisel! -What is form? What abstract/defined values they represent? How does one come up with a form? How to generate forms to represent a specific attribute? Get answers to all these questions and more with the chisel! workshop @ D-Hive. Learn from hands-on and fun exercises designed to help you churn out forms that inspire. So get set to Chisel! away knowing there are no limits but your imagination..





Sketch Up! – Sketch Up! @ D-Hive is a sketching workshop built around the idea of showcasing/ expressing your ideas/concepts through sketches.The Sketch Up! workshop will help you progressively build skills as you begin with the fundamentals of design sketching and go all the way to rendering and showcasing your sketches. Whether you’re a design aspirant/young design professional/just passionate about design sketching, with the Sketch Up! workshop @ D-Hive you will gain mentoring from industry professionals and learn unique techniques and methodologies that will set you on a journey towards sketching nirvana.




Out of the Box! – Design Thinking is the order of the day. No matter what your career paths and goals are, Design Thinking skills are sure to give you/your business  an edge over others by opening  up fresh perspectives ,whether you’re solving problems or identifying opportunities alike.  The Out of the Box! workshop @ D-Hive aims to impart simple skills and techniques that will help you stay creative and approach tasks with truly unique perspectives to yield quicker, better and original results.






Start-up Basecamp! – Startup Base Camp! is a start-up exclusive workshop @ Gemklip. Whether you’re heading a budding start-up or you aspire having one, Startup Base Camp! preps you up with mentoring from entrepreneurs of successful start-ups with inputs based on unique design thinking methodologies to help you start and nurture the start-up of your dreams.






Advanced Origami! – The Advanced Origami! workshop at D-Hive aims to help you re-imagine paper. Use paper to give structure and strength, employ techniques to create intricate works of art and do more. With the Advanced Origami! workshop @ D-Hive you will be able to acquire skills to employ paper in ways never imagined before to come up with fascinating works of art and fully functional products or, if you so wish, a perfect blend of the two!




Teardown Adventure! – Ever wondered why products are designed and built the way they are? The Teardown Adventure! workshop at D-hive aims to answer that very question. This session helps you know the product inside out.. Literally through teardown of handpicked products. And by the time the session is over you can be sure to have acquired insights on materials, finishes,processes and engineering know-how to put to use in your next design exercise.


My Story, Chisel, Sketch-up, Out of the Box, Start-up Basecamp, Advanced Origami, Teardown Adventure

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