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Laptop Decal Vinyl Stickers


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I Dream While The World Sleeps & Restless Learners Change the World  are two intense phrases that will help express yourself and stay motivated until you achieve your goals. Passion and determination keep you awake even while you sleep. Learning never stops for the change makers of the world.

These high quality die-cut matt finish laptop decal vinyl stickers are truly meaningful and communicates what you believe. These are designed and manufactured to match the quality of the product onto which it is placed.

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Gemklip laptop decal vinyl stickers are simply more meaningful and thought provoking than the typical Hollywood symbol sticker or random graphics stickers.

These laptop stickers are design to have inspiration value than just decoration. It could be a conversation starter and could possibly spread awareness on social causes.

You rarely find a laptop sticker, mobile phone sticker, fridge sticker, notebook sticker, dairy sticker or inspirational stickers that matches your point of view or belief system.

These laptop decal vinyl stickers fit very much within a credit card size and are correctly proportioned to look perfect on the rear of your phone or laptop screen.

These self adhesive laptop stickers are made of vinyl plastic and are maintenance free. The matt lamination over them makes them water proof and easy to clean.

By the way, if you have cool idea to communicate, please share your thoughts with us. We will be very happy to work on them and introduce your thought in the mass market.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 0.1 cm

Abidah Shanavas


I Dream While The World Sleeps, Restless Learners Change the World


Laptops, Smart Phones, Hard Drives, Tablets

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