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Fancy sling bag for kids – Lisa

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Ever wondered what to do with your favourite single sock. Feed Liza, the hungry monster, and watch her take shape. Comes with a fabric sling so Liza can be carried along with ease. Makes for an ideal play toy, doubling up as a stylish sling bag for kids.

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Lisa – A fancy sling bag for kids

Meet Lisa. A fancy sling bag for kids designed to take the shape of an adorable monster. Lisa was born out of inspiration from kids’ hand-drawn sketches of unique creatures of their imagination. Lisa looks adorable and cuddly on the outside. But don’t let those looks fool you, for inside her lies an insatiable hunger. So go ahead, and fill her with stuff. That’s the only way to keep her happy and her monstrous hunger in check.

And here’s some very good news for you. Lisa isn’t picky at all about diet. She’s happy to have just about anything and everything. Feed her some of your old and unused clothes and she’ll happily gobble them to turn herself into a toy. Feed her things and objects and she’ll happily keep them in her tummy, making her a ever so useful sling bag for your little ones to carry their precious belongings with them.

Be sure to check out Lisa’s siblings – Octav and Fanny, and you’ll be just as surprised to find that their super adorable looks go hand in hand with their ravenous hunger.

So go on, if you’re looking to buy unique gifts online for children you know you’ve come to the right place. For Lisa and her siblings will be their best companions, spreading joy and cheer!

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Be sure to click here to find out how Lisa was developed.

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 36 × 0.5 × 24 cm

Cotton Fabric, Buttons, Zipper


Chloe Fruneau

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