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Fone Log

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See your love for nature and minimalism meet in a precision crafted accessory for your smartphone. Presenting Fone Log.

Made from the finest Rosewood, Fone Log captures and preserves a piece of nature to turn into a functional accessory for your smartphone that you can use and cherish.

Simply dock your smartphone on Fone Log and use it as a placeholder for your smartphone to de-clutter and organize your desk.  Use Fone Log for v-logging, video conferencing and more. Use the built-in flash light of your smartphone when docked on Fone Log to use it as a task lamp.

Material: Heartwood from handpicked, solid, Rosewood, Craft paper (retail packing).




140 x 70 x 10 (mm)


Shanavas M S & Bharath Raghunathan

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