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DIY Birdhouse Fancy Birdvilla – Eeggloo

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At a very first glimpse, a giant wooden egg.
A functional and elegant bird villa on the second. Eeggloo is an unique «Do it Yourself» birdhouse by installing and building it directly from any tree’s trunc. Certainly to be a safe and comfy home for small and medium birds around your home.
Also Eeggloo DIY Birdhouse Fancy Birdvilla is suitable for squirrels.


Gemklip Brand Promise.


A simple DIY Birdhouse Fancy Birdvilla like a puzzle for all garden and nature enthusiast

Eeggloo is an elegant and fancy Birdvilla but a “do it yourself” birdhouse version. As a very easy fun little puzzle sized in a giant egg shape in first glance. A functional tested and approved birdhouse concept on the second. Above all, Eeggloo offers the sensation to have accomplished by building a new own comfy house for suitable wildlife around your home / garden environment. Henceforth, it will only take you a minute and a half to install and build your DIY Birdhouse Fancy Birdvilla!

And if you have opted for installation on a tree.

Directly hammer the pipe into a flat surface of a tree trunk of your choice. As birds and / or squirrels like to feel safe, do not hesitate to use a ladder to place it out of human reach. Soon, Eeggloo will quickly get occupied!

Or if you have opted for installation on wall

Firstly, paste the stencil sticker piece provided into the kit. Secondly use appropriate tools (concrete drill – 6mm), to make the holes to fix it. Also, preferably opt for a calm and shady wall emplacement which should be out of human reach and Eeggloo will fast show no vacant!

Also for easy and quick maintenance.

When a most importantly, if the baby birds / squirrels seem to have gone away, take off the locking perch piece and only remove the front wooden piece to take the old nest. Then insert back the front piece and lock it back the cylindrical perch piece. Thus, Eeggloo will be ready for new batch of tenants!

Suitable product for outdoor weather condition.

Finally, Eeggloo is made of chrome finish and partially powder coated mild steel pipe. And it is made of varnished marine-plywood for better outdoor weather proof sustainability.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 22.2 × 19.4 × 23.6 cm
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