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Gemklip is where creative minds collide. At gemklip we believe collaboration is the key to achieving unimaginable goals. We believe in “transform by design” and creating a positive impact on the lives of people. If these are things you believe in too – Join Us!

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Have a great Idea? Wish to see it turned into a product? We’ve got you covered. Write to us, ring us or just walk in to our studio.  Sign a mutual non disclosure agreement (MNDA) and share your idea. Rest assured, your idea is in safe hands on its way to be realised.  Reap long term benefits through royalty and recognition. You don’t have to stop here though. Follow the steps below to see how you can go further in contributing. The more you contribute, the more are your benefits.

Design Validation.


Congrats. Your idea is getting closer to production. This is the phase where your idea ceases being just an idea. In four easy steps your idea is ready for product development. Start with a feasibility study to see if your product idea is suited for the intended market, make  a business plan, get it approved, submit  a detailed product sketch or a Proof of Concept (POC) and get the design validated. Once this is done you will be geared for product development. Take comfort in knowing that you will be mentored at every step and your every effort will be rewarded. Enjoy increased long term benefits through royalty.

Product Development.

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This is the phase where your design gets ready for production, in three stages. Product Engineering (engineering your product on CAD), Prototyping (3d printing, etc.)  and Prototype Testing (performance validation) and bam! your design is now ready for production. Increased royalty on your way. And remember, we’re there to assist you throughout the process.



Finally, you have reached the phase where your idea is realised. Invest for production, Identify manufacturers, get production started and perform quality control. Now your product is ready for sales at Reap sustainable long term benefits through royalty and get noticed. Become a featured contributor for having come all the way. And fret not, you will be mentored throughout the entire process. 

Sales at

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Got a fully developed product that you would like to sell ? You have come to the right place. We will validate your product for online sales and feature your product in our website. Once this is done you can enjoy a royalty of upto 75% on the profits. 

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