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  • design challenges

    “Idea to Market in 100 Days” – Design Challenges.

    Shanavas M S (Chief of Design – TEQZO Consulting) visited UID Ahmedabad as part of¬†Gemklip. Consequently, he introduced an amazing opportunity for upcoming designers and design enthusiasts with design challenges. With “Idea to market in 100days”, Gemklip helps mentor design enthusiasts through the design journey. As a result, this is a chance to get their …

  • design thinking workshop

    Design Thinking Workshop For Corporates

    A common misconception is that the design process and design thinking are both the same thing. People belonging to many different fields try to employ design thinking so that they can think more “creatively”. However, they end up following the design process. People belonging to fields other than design can’t benefit from this. What’s the …

  • Gemklip Studio – Workshops for Design Students

    Product Design Students often find themselves looking for more exposure in the field. Their courses do offer abundant knowledge with respect to product design. However, it helps a great deal to get some hands-on experience. Gemklip believes it is fundamental for students to be able to bridge the gap between what is taught in school …

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