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  • Communication is the key – Help us understand your idea better. If you think a sketch or a 3d model will help, include them.
  • At Gemklip we believe in challenging the existing way of doing things, seeing every problem as an opportunity, being obsessive about creativity, delivering value with design, and impacting lives positively on a large scale. We strive to create products that are creative, unique, innovative, and original. We’d naturally be more inclined towards ideas that fit with our values.
  • At Gemklip we encourage building products that are sustainable and creating a sustainable product ecosystem, and we believe it must start from the simplest of objects we use. So yes, brownie points for considering sustainability. 
  • The more holistic your ideas are, the better are your selection chances. It helps to keep in mind various aspects of the product including but not limited to materials, manufacturability, and packaging.
  • Gemklip is an e-commerce platform and product ideas fit for e-commerce (ideas developed with stack efficiency (storage), packing efficiency (storage and transportation), non-fragility, and self-assembly (if applicable) in mind) will appeal more to us.


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