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Our Story So Far.

The Brand

We are Simple. Different and Inspiring.

We believe in challenging existing ways of doing things. We respect the existing and consider it a stepping stone to establish new ways.

Treading newer ways is always challenged by unique problems. We believe that every problem is an opportunity, no matter how hard it is. We believe in setting new benchmarks for the next generation to overcome.

We are obsessed about creativity. We enormously trust human potential that puts together simple things to deliver unimaginable results. We believe collaboration is the key to the growth of humanity.

We trust design as an important element for value generation. If there is no value, there is no design. We believe in value creation across the spectrum of business process and are not limited to cost reduction. We believe that great products can cast a smile not only on the customer but also to all the stake holders of business.

We believe in solutions that have a massive impact (positive) on the human race. We believe in solutions that inspire people to do more.

The Goal

Offer products/ services that satisfies the appetite for unique alternatives that are simple, different and inspiring so as to enrich their daily lives leading to positive transformation.

The Legacy

Incubated by TEQZO Consulting, a division of TEQZO Retail Products Pvt Ltd that has a legacy of over a decade in providing innovation and design services to manufacturing companies in India and abroad. They are a formidable and influential force in the field of product design in India.

Contact Us

Telephone: +91 80 4165 5487 / +91 98451 65361
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Address : #418, CMR Road, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore 43, India
Timings : Monday to Sunday: 10:30 am to 10:00 pm

Our Founders

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    Shanavas M S

    Founder & CDO

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    Bindu Shanavas


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    Gauthier Raguin

    Founder & CEO

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