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“It was a great experience working with Gemklip. They helped me develop my ideas and now they are realised products. And I get royalty from the profit they make. Can’t be happier.” – Chloé Fruneau
Blog : Fanny , Octav, Lisa , Raco  & Oola
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“Seeing an idea in your head convert into a product in your hand is a truly surreal feeling, and something I believe everyone should experience. I’m grateful to have discovered Gemklip as a platform that allows me to do just that.” – Karthik Mahadevan
Blog : Jarry
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“Gemklip is a spirited place with designers and engineers passionately working towards realisation of product ideas. I got to work on my idea with the Gemklip team and I must say the overall experience was more than what I could have hoped for. ” – Bharath Raghunathan
Blog : Crypto
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“It has been a very good opportunity to accumulate royalties for my orignial ideas. And to actually see people using products stemmed out of our ideas is an experience like no other, and I am so glad Gemklip paved way for it. ” – Gauthier Raguin
Blog : Gody Lamp & Jumbo Gemklip
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“It was a great experience working on Gemklip products. We get to collaborate with so many people on ideas that inspire people to do more. I invite you to drop in and explore this opportunity. ” – Shanavas MS
Blog : DIY Stationery Kit , Innovative Greeting Card
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