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Mingle Connect PRO – Dual Display Video Conferencing Cart

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Larger teams have larger goals. Time and place are no barrier for us to share our visions and ideas. Continents are seamlessly connected to achieve the unthinkable. Get “Mingle Connect PRO”, and collaborate with the world.


Why Mingle Connect PRO ?

Global projects require teams from across the globe to collaborate quiet often to achieve the unthinkable. Teams need to stay connected all through the day, hence they look for simple tools to exchange ideas. They need products that are smart & flexible, thus keeping them active and engaged. Mingle Connect PRO, the dual display video conferencing cart makes it ideal for teams to manage online meetings. Designed to work well with our sleek conference tables.

Video Conferencing Cart or LCD Projector ?

Installing an LCD projector is a major task while dual display video conferencing carts offer instant plug and play option. Projectors need dedicated low lit areas while mobile TV carts can be used anywhere in your office. Additionally, LCD projection needs premium wall space whilst multimedia carts work even where wall space isn’t available.  Another challenge of using LCD projectors is that they require separate audio & webcam installation whereas mobile video conferencing equipments have built-in provisions to provide a rich multimedia experience.


  • – Fits any space, no need of dedicated wall space.
  • – Instant plug and play, no installation required.
  • – Rear side is equipped with full-size white markerboard for brainstorming.
  • – Ideal for small to medium teams.
  • – Stylish design & robust built quality.


 Design and Construction

Mingle Connect PRO is designed to fit upto two sets of 40″ LCD monitors. It has provisions for mounting video conferencing codec and webcams. Sleek and modern design adds aesthetics to workspace interiors while its heavy duty construction adds robustness to survive intense daily use. Its flat pack design enables easy transportation.

Target uses and applications

Businesses that have a large demand for collaborative meetings and video conferencing sessions, may find this product ideal for their conferences  and meeting rooms.

Product Description

Mingle Connect PRO is a dual monitor video conferencing cart with a provision to attach two 40 inch monitor, standard webcam and video conferencing equipment. It has a full size whiteboard marker which can come in handy for your brainstorming. Robust construction with heavy duty wheels makes it  ideal for intense daily use.


~ Edited 4/2/2017

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 180 × 45 × 160 cm

Double sided White Board, Metal Structure, Codec Tray, Wheels, Web Cam Tray, Monitor Mounting Bracket set


Writing Surface : Double Sided 18mm Pre-laminated board, Structure : 8mm thick Powder Coated Steel, Brackets : Powder Coated Steel, Wheels : Heavy Duty Medical Grade Castors


High Gloss White Writing Board, Silver Grey Powder Coating


Large Team – Audio Visual Presentations, Video Confeencing, Global Meetings, Training, Distance Learning.

Design to work

With Mingle Team Desk, Mingle Meeting, Mingle Conference

Max Load


Assembly Skills

Customer Assembly (Assembly manual and necessary hand tools will be provided along with the supply)


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