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Fancy Memory book Scrapbook – Mylstone


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Mylstone is a funny little personal memory book in the shape of a tiny milestone. It contains a fancy scrapbook that everyone will fall in love with! This small curious notebook can capture good moments and memories in order to preserve them, to save them to never forget them. Anything but considered as worthy memorable, should fill one after another, all the pages into this tiny secret scrapbook!



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The idea to create a piggybank for your memories

You are miles away to imagine how unique and different is this fancy memory book scrapbook! A pocket sized milestone box you will first see, and a tiny funny notebook inside you will discover. Simply, Mylstone is a curious and personal scrapbook in which you can capture your best moments and memories in order to preserve them, to save them and never forget them!

A good way to face memory loss later on

Indeed, studies about the human body sciences simply proved and now for sure acknowledge that the human brain is unconsciously having the ability to prioritarly remember more of good moments than bad and though times. However, people while aging, can also forget a positve memory as time goes on, far away from the moment that built this good memory. As memorable as a sweet and lovely memory can be, the time can slowly erases it… 

Bring positive changes in your way to remember things

Therefore, With all the unforgettable but enjoyable moments in our existence, Mylstone is the best memory book scrapbook to collect as many as best memories to keep them alive. And if you are a travel unthusiast, you definitly are a step towards feeling happier, owning one of these inspiring little scrapbook! Let’s remind ourselves of memorable moments in our life, small and big, worthy of being acknowledged. These take us a long way to giving ourselves more to celebrate in the future. Appreciating these milestones reinforce positive change and will lead to more of them.

The fanciest accessory for polaroid photophiles

The small notebook is big enough! As you can safely keep inside one standard sized polaroid picture per page. Then it can become a pocket sized album photo. So now, go! Buy and grab yours! Let this little fancy memory book scrapbook captures as many of these worthy good times you experienced, as it can. And to make sure one day you can look at them and then remember them… So hurry up! Make as many good memories as you can and be happy forever! and keep saving all of them!

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 12 cm

Case: PP (recyclable plastic)
laminated paper stickers

Book: high quality paper (100 GSM)
high quality paper (300 GSM


Abidah Shanavas

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