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  • An Exercise in Creative T-Shirt Design

     Creative t-shirt design – Why? Gemklip.com is a platform developed to bring fun, creative and inspiring products to the masses. We believe creativity is not reserved for the elite. Anyone who is creative can bring forward a positive impact on the lives of many. So naturally, when we thought of making a t-shirt, we wanted …

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  • young startup team

    Your dream startup business !

    Why Startup ? The BIG question you want to ask yourself before you startup a venture is “why should I startup ?”. The answer lies within you. You are restless, you question the status quo, you have more questions than answers, you are experimental, you dream of changing the world, your have an endless to-do …

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  • Creative Stuffed Toy – Story

    At Gemklip, we spend a lot of time discussing about simple problems we face on our day to day life -which we take for granted. Most of us are so complacent in dealing with such problems and take no heed in solving it. ” I have a lot of tiny socks and mittens at home. …

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  • DIY Stationary Organiser – Story

    Inspiration Years of designing with sheet metal immerses you in the properties of the material and the process that are used in manufacturing them. Sheet metal behaves a lot like origami where you fold paper to achieve unbelievable objects. I was inspired to make simple innovative objects by folding sheet metal with bare hands. Its …

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  • Gody Lamp – Story

    Value addition on the basic design were done by innovating means to deploy the origami lamp in multiple positions. This resulted in a variety of shapes and light diffusion. Images below illustrates this capability. Design : Gauthier Raguin Material : Non Tearable White Paper Click here to buy.

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  • Innovative Greeting Card – Story

    Problem and Opportunity: Two major opportunities we encountered with greeting cards were lead by its problems. – People throw away greeting cards after receiving them (colossal waste) – Physical greetings cards are losing its relevance due to digital media. (needs re-invention) We decided to work on these problems and convert these opportunities into products. The …

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  • Jumbo Gemklip – The Story!

    It’s human nature to take for granted the simplest objects we use in our day to day lives. We don’t really think about them, we don’t wan’t to know who designed them, we don’t want to know how it came to being (most of us, at least). To us, it is just something that does …

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  • Crypto – A perpetual Calendar

    With the new year around the corner we wanted to see if we could challenge ourselves and create yet another calendar. Only this time we wanted to consider the possibility of building something that could be potentially turned into a product as well. Sustainability was a key factor right from the start. We wanted to …

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  • Pencil Bookmark – The story!

    How often does it happen that you’re reading an engrossing book and you come across a piece of text that really takes your fancy. You want to mark it for future reference, but you look around and there isn’t a pencil or pen in sight and you are too cozy to get up and go …

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