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  • Participation

    “Idea to Market in 100 Days” – Gemklip Visits UID.

    Shanavas M S (Chief of Design – TEQZO Consulting) visited UID Ahmedabad as part of Gemklip. Consequently, he introduced an amazing opportunity for upcoming designers and design enthusiasts. With “Idea to market in 100days”, Gemklip helps mentor design enthusiasts through the design journey. As a result, this is a chance to get their ideas all the …

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  • Design Thinking For Corporates

    A common misconception is that the design process and design thinking are both the same thing. People belonging to many different fields try to employ design thinking so that they can think more “creatively”. However, they end up following the design process. People belonging to fields other than design can’t benefit from this. What’s the …

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  • store game

    Store Decor- Make a game of it !

    When customers visit the Gemklip Design Store at Kamanahalli, we want them to leave with a new experience. A feeling of excitement that makes them want to return again, maybe even with a few friends. This depended, to a great extent, on the interiors and store decor. Achieving this result and at the same time, …

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  • Social design at IISc.

    Social Design

    One of the lesser known areas in which design creates an impact is social issues. Gemklip has always believed in turning problems into opportunities. However, designing a Social Campaign / movement is a lot like designing a product – it is to turn a problem into an opportunity. This is one of Gemklip’s core principles. …

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  • IISc at Gemklip

    A Day At the Gemklip Studio – Product Design Students of IISc (Indian Institute of Science)

    Product Design Students often find themselves looking for more exposure in the field. Their courses do offer abundant knowledge with respect to product design. However, it helps a great deal to get some hands-on experience. Gemklip believes it is fundamental for students to be able to bridge the gap between what is taught in school …

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  • Junior design Masterclass

    Junior Design Masterclass

    Junior Design Masterclass @ D-Hive by This summer we decided to prepare young minds for the future. With several Design Thinking based workshops packaged into a bundle – called the Junior Design Masterclass. During vacation, kids and parents are on the lookout for exciting things that they could do. Kids wanting fun, while parents …

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  • Gemklip @ IISc Open Day – Ripples 2019

    23 March 2019 was quite the eventful day for Gemklip as we had participated in Ripples 2019 – The Annual design event hosted by CPDM (Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing) of Indian Institute of Science. In addition to our products stall, we had set up multiple spots of engagement to educate and entertain the …

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  • Yay! The News Featured Us!

    The Bengaluru edition of The Hindu Metro Plus on 21 November 2018, Wednesday, featured us in their pages ! Similarly, get to read the online coverage of the same here. Experience this for yourself, by visiting us at the Gemklip Store.

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  • Our newly launched Gemklip design store!

    The Beginning Gemklip started out as the brainchild of Teqzo consulting, a company with the legacy of providing innovation and desiging products for companies in India and abroad. We aimed to carry on that legacy, with the vision to empower people to inspire by design. Gemklip served as a platform for designers and creative thinkers …

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  • T-shirt design in Silver Grey

    An Exercise in Creative T-Shirt Design

     Creative t-shirt design – Why? is a platform developed to bring fun, creative and inspiring products to the masses. We believe creativity is not reserved for the elite. Anyone who is creative can bring forward a positive impact on the lives of many. So naturally, when we thought of making a t-shirt, we wanted …

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  • young startup team

    Your dream startup business !

    Why Startup ? The BIG question you want to ask yourself before you startup a venture is “why should I startup ?”. The answer lies within you. You are restless, you question the status quo, you have more questions than answers, you are experimental, you dream of changing the world, your have an endless to-do …

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  • Creative Stuffed Toy – Story

    At Gemklip, we spend a lot of time discussing about simple problems we face on our day to day life -which we take for granted. Most of us are so complacent in dealing with such problems and take no heed in solving it. ” I have a lot of tiny socks and mittens at home. …

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