Mingle Linear LITE – Linear Office Workstations


Collaboration at work happens when people interact face to face and thier minds collide at the same level. Mingle Linear LITE, our linear office workstations are designed to fulfil the basic rules of collaboration.


Why Mingle Linear LITE ?

When it comes to collaborative workspaces, Mingle Linear LITE  can easily outsmart any panel system workstation cubicles. These simple and clean linear office workstations, when combined with Mingle Board can create awesome workspaces for the best collaboration to happen.

Encourage Collaboration

Panel system cubicles are very rigid and promote isolated working styles, while linear office workstations encourage flexibility and collaboration at work.

Create space with linear desking systems.

Cubicles fill up your space and make it claustrophobic whereas linear office workstations can make your environment look more spacious.

True Modularity

Panel systems are modular only in terms of manufacturing but not in terms of application. Linear benching systems are truly modular in terms of manufacturing as well as application. Small business can stay flexible with our truly modular linear desks as its makes relocation easier and cheaper.

Get onboard faster

With linear office workstations, your assembly and installation can be done twice as faster than modular cubicles, helping teams to get onboard faster.

Target uses

Small and medium office working out of smaller space & apartment units.

Difference between Mingle Linear LITE and Mingle Linear PRO

The main difference between them is the dividing screen. Instead of the simple acrylic/ glass dividing screen in LITE, the PRO version has a heavy duty accessory rail. These rails can be used to mount accessories including monitors, stationary, task lights  and more.

Product Description

Mingle Linear LITE is a basic linear office workstation with a simple divider screen and inbuilt wire manager. Simple and sleek design can help you create cost effective and inspiring interiors. Mingle Linear LITE is available as a four seat module with an ability to extend the number of seats in multiple of two. Modular and knock-down construction makes it easy to relocate when required.  Manufactured using 25mm thick pre laminated and heavy duty tubular powder coated sections makes it robust enough for intense daily use.

Linear staff desk loaded with accessory rail & professional wire manager raceways. Work surface will have individual wire manager grommets to manage cables. Available in two seater and extendable in multiples of two.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Metal Leg Understructure, Work Surface, Heavy Duty Accessory Rail with monitor mounts, Underside Concealed Wire Manager


Metal Leg Understructure : Powder Coated Tubular Steel (Dia 38mm x 1.6mm Thick), Work Surface : 25mm thick pre-laminated board with PVC Edge Band


Frosty White Work Surface, Silver Grey Powder Coated Under-structure


Linear Staff Desk – 4, 6, 8, 10.

Recommended Application area

2 seater recommended area 8 ft x 8 ft
4 seater recommended area 8 ft x 8 ft
6 seater recommended area 13ft x 8ft
8 seater recommended area 16ft x 8ft
10 seater recommended area 19ft x 8ft

Product dimensions(cm)

2 seater, 120 x 120 x 75
4 seater, 240 x 120 x 75
6 seater, 360 x 120 x 75
8 seater, 480 x 120 x 75
10 seater, 600 x 120 x 75

Design to work

With Mingle Board, Mingle Connect LITE, Mingle Connect PRO, Compatible with Mingle Staff extension units for future expansion.

Max Load

150 Kg (uniformly distributed) per two seats.

Assembly Skills

General Technician Assembly


Shanavas M S

No. of Seats

2, 4, 6, 8, 10

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