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Startup Base Camp! (Product Design for Start-ups)


Startup Base Camp! is a start-up exclusive workshop @ Gemklip. Whether you’re heading a budding start-up or you aspire having one, Startup Base Camp! preps you up with mentoring from entrepreneurs of successful start-ups with inputs based on unique design thinking methodologies to help you start and nurture the start-up of your dreams.

Limited entries. Admission open to registered participants only. Non-refundable.

For queries, feel free to get in touch with us!


D-Hive is a Design Workshop based activity that happens every weekend at Teqzo Consulting. This is an initiative by in collaboration with TEQZO Consulting to inspire design students & enthusiasts to meet up, interact and share best practices in design. Although the focus is product design, general design activities will also be covered.

The studio opens itself to outsiders from 10am to 6pm on all Saturdays throughout the year. Workshop co-ordinators will engage the visitors through exciting and adventurous workshops, hands on activities, experimental design sessions and many other fun filled stuff.

The visitors can also make use of the studio library and spend time with high quality design literature.

Focus sessions are held at a specific time on these weekends. These focus sessions may involve presentation, materials and demonstrations. Hence registration is required to reserve your seats. Registrations is limited to only 10 applicants.

Limited entries. Admission open to registered participants only. 

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