• Jarry – New life to old jars

    Jarry was an idea that stemmed from the worthlessness of glass jars that are emptied off jam, pickle or honey. It is really heart-breaking to watch them being dumped in a bin and sentenced to a life of exile in a junkyard. Reusing these as containers for spices or buttons is certainly not the only …

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  • Life With Design

    Life with Design

    Its always inspiring to go back to your design school. Its give you a chance to introspect the path to your design career. Moreover its amazing to see, the same design philosophy which is taught year after year being interpreted   differently by scholars gone by. Design is such a domain, like in applied arts …

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  • On Presentation Day – June’15

    Presentation Day – June’15

    As usual, June 30th we had our internal ‘Presentation Day”. What was significant was that it was mid of the year presentation and we had an internal audit on the values we uphold as a design firm. Reflecting on the projects done so far and its contributions to business and its eventual benefit to end …

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  • On Presentation Day – Jan 15

    Presentation Day | January 2015

    Home It has been a tradition at TEQZO/Gemklip studio to dedicate the last working day of the month to what we call the Presentation Day. The great thing about this day is that it’s both laid back and intense at the same time.On this day, each of us here at TEQZO take the stage for …

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  • Illustration Blog

    The n’th Idea

    “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan Today, you will learn how to fly. How to spread your wings, soar deep inside your mind and discover realms you didn’t know existed. So to help you better understand how designers …

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  • Designer Engineer

    Designer – Engineer

    In our first and second post on Design Thinking, you were flying as a designer among the clouds, conjuring the craziest of ideas. Now, you need to don the engineer’s hat and come back the earth of practicality. Once the concepts from the exploration phase are gathered and few inspiring ones are chosen for further …

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  • The Home Car Facebook

    Design thy life

    “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”  ―Massimo Vignelli Design doesn’t come with an on and off switch. It’s not something you magically acquire the minute you step in to work. No, design thinking, once you have truly understood it, stays with you forever. It is a condition that makes you analyse …

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  • Inspire by Design

    The Gemklip New Year Contest

    Greetings! As this magnificent year reaches its end, a great opportunity arises for all you creative thinkers. Gemklip is providing a platform to put your creativity to good use and in return reap great rewards. Clichéd greeting cards and mundane calendars are the norm and we are short on good choices. In this problem, lies your opportunity. What you need …

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  • New Year Calender

    New year, new calendar

    Feels like just yesterday that we reminiscing the year gone by and whoosh the new year has already set in. Our memories always make the past look more glorious, but one must not dwell in this nostalgia and look towards innovating a glorious future. This year we wanted to celebrate the spirit of innovation and …

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  • Promo

    Never give up !

    Home Fun at Work ! It was a usual day at our studio. A bunch of dreamy eyed designers, gazing out of the window, try to conjure the next great product. We suddenly noticed a swarm of bees flocking outside our office. They all huddled together and clung to the roof outside our window. We …

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